Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home
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ROXIE THE DOXIE FINDS HER FOREVER HOME written by Dr. Jody A. Dean & illustrated by Susie Lee Jin

When I first read Dr. Dean's heartfelt manuscript about Roxie's adoption, I got excited imagining all sorts of sweet dachshund illustrations. Also given that I have a soft spot for dachshunds (I want to adopt a dachshund one day), I knew right away that I wanted to illustrate ROXIE THE DOXIE FINDS HER FOREVER HOME.


Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home


Making final art for ROXIE THE DOXIE will always be a warm memory. At that time, my family and I were in the process of adopting a pet. The content of the book aligned with what was happening in my life, and that made illustrating ROXIE THE DOXIE feel especially meaningful.

Like myself, our 2-year old cat was raised in North Carolina and somehow ended up in New Jersey. Such is fate! Our lovely, lucky cat stayed in a foster home for only a week or so before finding her "forever home" with us. Her life journey that led her to become part of our family makes me thoughtful and thankful.

I had forgotten how a pet alters the feeling of a home. For instance, when I return to my house, a warm furry someone is waiting to affectionately greet me. It is pure love. I hope I successfully instilled some of these tender feelings into my ROXIE THE DOXIE book illustrations.

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A Book to Help Children Through Adoption and Other Family Transitions.

This is the story of Roxie, a dachshund dog, as she makes the transition from her temporary "Foster" home to her new "Forever" home. Based on a real dog and her experiences, the book is designed to help children through the often complicated process of adoption and other family transitions – such as welcoming adopted children into their home, joining step-families and blended groupings, or moving between one separated parent and another.

Just like Roxie, adopted children can undergo a wide range of emotions when facing these transitions, joining a new family in a new home, with unknown surroundings and circumstances. Through Roxie’s story, the book shows children that it is perfectly normal to be afraid or anxious, and to ask questions, and most importantly that they are moving into a loving, caring family and everything will be all right. Roxie’s transition allows children to understand and express how they feel in an easy and fun way.

The book comes with a Parent and Therapist Guide for Adoptive Families written by a professional therapist, Renee Smola, MS, LPC, to help adult caregivers and adoptive parents in guiding children through the transition process. The Parent Guide can help parents answer questions, craft talking-points and formulate discussions with the children about adoption. Parents thinking about adopting or having to explain adoption to their biological children will also find the guide useful.

The Therapist Guide was written for clinicians to serve as an adjunct to therapy with children in transition, be it adoption, step or blended family or adding a new sibling. The guide can apply to children in any situation involving change, excitement, fear and anxiety.

There is also a photo-section in the book with information about the real Roxie, including her e-mail contact so that children can talk directly with Roxie and ask her questions about adoption and other challenges they may not want to ask their caregivers – a safe way for children to express their feelings without feeling threatened.

Individual answers to the children’s questions are crafted by Roxie’s real adoptive mother, Jody A. Dean, Ph.D., a psychologist with 28 years experience specializing in children and adolescents.



Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home



Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home is a heartwarming story that will appeal to all children, and an excellent book that will help parents begin a discussion with their child about transitioning to a new home, be it to a loving adoptive family or a blended family, welcoming an adopted child or a move to a brand new community. The included Parent Guide is a great tool to help adults craft questions that allow children to speak freely about their feelings. The Therapist Guide is an excellent clinical tool as an adjunct to the therapeutic process.”

~ Ron Zodkevitch, M.D., Board Certified Child Psychiatrist, Author Toughlove Prescription
Associate Clinical Professor, Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

A much needed guide to help children navigate the world of change through the eyes of an adorable dachshund. In clear everyday language, Dr. Dean guides children, adults and therapists through the issues surrounding adoption. As Roxie the Doxie moves through different emotions relative to finding her new home, she also provides many opportunities for children to talk about their feelings. The book is a rich resource on a topic often forgotten.”

~ Allen S. Miller, DC, DACBSP, PR
Sports Medicine Consultant to the US Olympic Committee

Children are sure to enjoy this book as they learn more about a relevant life experience through Dr. Dean’s unique perspective. The Parent and Therapist Guide is an invaluable resource providing professionals and parents the ability to navigate effective conversations while connecting real situations to children reading the book.”

~ Dr. Eric D. Knost
Public School Superintendent, St. Louis County, Missouri



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